Why do guys want to screw around for a while?

So this guy i know about, he dated a girl for 6 years. They broke up last year, and she has a kid with another guy now.

He dated a girl for a month or so after meeting her on tinder and hit it off really well with her and really liked her, told her he liked her , but because he had a lot going on and they didn't live in same town, he stopped talking to her all of the suddent, and when she asked what was wrong , he said he wasn't looking for anything serious because he had no time for it.

They remained as friends because he said she is a cool girl. She didn't bother him for 6-7 months, and he contacted her now in September , telling her he had moved to her town and wanted to meet her. They met and had a great time, no sex involved. He told her that she should contact him whenever she wanted to hang out, and shouldn't hesistate. She did one day asking if he wanted to go on a bike ride, trying to keep things friendly, he unfortunatly wasn't able to that day , and told her that he would let her know when he could.. its been over a month now..

He also leaving in December to go to another country for 3 months to work as a voulanter..

But the thing is that she logged into tinder , made a new account out of curiousity and found his profile there.. recently being on.

So why do guys want to screw around, while they know they can have a good girl?


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  • The question is.. why not?

    Even though i respect equality and i like it. Men are women are not built the same. We have similar desires... but different quantities and in different stages of our lives. Both love sex, but men are more willing to do it without commitment. Both love family, but men are more willing to have it later in life.

    Have you ever seen two girls that have totally different personalities? one of them wants to sleep around and have fun and the other is a virgin waiting for marriage? If you can have this difference within the same sex.. imagine how different it is if you are built differently.

    Many girls think men are jerks. The thing is... is they were to be a man, they would probably have the same urge to behave the same way.

    I know two of my friends who want to only date girls and have sex with them without any further commitment. Both of them are really decent and not evil. Have many friends that are girls and are loved.

    Now on the other hand, there a re guys who think they found their girl , and they want to stay with her. Because she is the one. So don't take it personally when a guy doesn't want to commit to you. It is about their nature and not about you. Get to know many guys even as friends, and sometime one of you will want to make you his forever.

    • what do you think about the situation i wrote about? what are his intensions

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    • would you continue giving her hope about there will be something when you know you cannot committ? a player would do that he would date her and use her for sex and throw her away, but a real guy would be honest and say he isn't into anything serious at the moment

    • it doesn't have to be a player to mess a girl aaround. ALl it takes is a guy who doesn't know or unsure of what he wants. Even if he is a good guy. Stop trying to decipher him... he is not meeting your standards for a relationship and you need to move on

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  • You could just say it's you, you don't have to go all ambiguous lol, you're already anonymous.

    He's moving in 3 months, why do you even want something serious? And ya you could be a "good girl", but that's the same as being a "nice guy"... so what? Maybe he just doesn't see a future with you

  • Some guys are legitimately afraid of commitment. We like to play games, hang out with our friends, and have fun! We sometimes worry that if we tie it down now, we'll start having to deal with an upset girlfriend when we want to do the things we enjoy :/

    • what is your opinon of the situation i wrote

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  • They have commitment issues

    • what do u think of the situation i wrote about?

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    • So best thing is not to make a huge deal and not be dramatic and simply just live life and be his friend, and let him chose?

    • Yes and meanwhile the girl should enjoy life and make new frens. Dont let the guy think she is always available