Getting girls number in nightclub and asking her on date later?

Hi, i got question for you guyz, do you get girls number in nightclub (while being drunk)? I find it whenever i get girls number from club, she says yes in good way. (not like yes just because she doesn't mean to offend me). But next day when i contact her, either she doesn't reply or flakes. If she do reply i have little conversation via sms, untill i ask her out on a coffe. When i ask her out all of sudden she is not interested in me LoL.

Question men, is this happening a lot in night game to you?
Question women, can you explain to me why you do this if you have been in similar situation? or am i doing something wrong in approach or asking her out to soon?

Oh and is day game (picking up girls in park, markets ect...) more likely that she will reply and go for a date?



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  • Thats another reason not to waste time in clubs getting all drunk and doing that. Its mostly a meat market one night stands