Have you had an online relationship work for you? what sites do you believe are better than others to meet on?

I met a guy over Facebook and its evolved from there. we currently text and Skype and i met him once in person. he's come out and told me a lot of personal things about himself, and he's very open but im honestly a pessimist at heart, and never believed in meeting people online. it started off friendly and kind of progressed, we're supposed to go on a date very soon. i'm honestly anticipating the whole thing to fall through any second, and i'm wondering how its worked for you and what were your initial feelings about being romantically involved with someone youve never met. now that I've met him i feel better, but its still strange for me. How do i get over this feeling? and yes im aware Facebook isn't the place to meet anyone, but it just happened :/


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  • I am sorry, but I don't believe online relatrionships can work!

  • My online relationship worked! We have been together 3 years and are engaged :)

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