I dont do things that I am not good at. .. Dating?

So basically im not good at dating.
Im 22 and I've never had a boyfriend. I've dated total of 5 guys.
1 who i was in love with for 4 years and who treated me like crap. 3 Who i didn't really care for..1 who i tried dating after i got over the douche bag, and i fell for him but unfortunatly timing was bad, but we are friends now,

Im just over all not good at dating. I hate going on dates , its as if im on a interview. I've only dated guys I've met online, the last one was from tinder.. haha you dont find true love on tinder come on.. how stupid was i?

Anyways.. anyone who isn't good at this dating thing? I just like being alone.

I know so many girls who have a new boyfriend all the time.. how do they do it?


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  • I'm bad at dating too, and I wonder how most guys find it so easy to get themselves a girlfriend!

    I've been in relationships before, but none of them worked out and I have been single for over 4 years now. Maybe if I put it at least a bit of effort, I can get a girlfriend. But I have a morbid fear of being rejected/friendzoned, so i have never asked a women out in my life. Even the previous relationships I had, the girls themselves made the first move.

    So you see, you're not alone because there are so many people who suck at dating! I'm one of them too! :P

    • i always get afraid and they all end up leaving so what is the point? something wrong with me? should i be more like all the otehr girls.. get a instagram account and take sexy pictures of myself everyday and put them out so that a guy will like me ? shake my ass half naked in the clubs? :p

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    • True.. i just can't imagen myself with a boy.. why would someone love me.. i think im afraid of dating because im tired of things going well for a month or so and being happy and suddently they begin to change

    • Don't ever think "why" someone would love you. Think "why wouldn't" anyone love you, because there may be a thousand reasons for someone to love you (even if you yourself aren't aware of most of those reasons). :)

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  • Sound like you need to work on yourself to find out what you want out of dating.

  • How is dating not consider bf._.
    U both like eachother so that's why y'all agree to date..


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  • I guess I would put myself in this bracket of not being good at dating because yes, I do love my personal space and having to be indep

    • Haha didn't finish but to go on, as being independent but yet, I would mind being in another relationship too. It's hard to go out and find someone you're really attracted to and find the chemistry with because not all are wanting a relationship. You two may get along and things go great but there's no *click* between the two or there is for one person but not the other. I'm not going to give up on dating but I think a good break will do. I'll keep on enjoying on being single for now.

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    • Exactly, I can understand you completely! I mean, dating has almost become where you have to be someone else to impress someone. I don't want to and I'd rather be and look like myself. :) We all are unique in our own ways but it sure feels like we have to conform to being otherwise. Its frustrating! >.<

    • I tried it. You know.. i dated a guy and we snapchatted and i snapped pic of me with no makeup and all silly things, but when he began pulling away i snapped pic of me all pretty and duck face :p and it hit me like wtf am i doing