Dating questions: Does oral sex count as sex (or a body) ?

A guy asked me how many bodies did I have.
I said 2.
But I am a virgin. ( I haven't been penetrated )

I let 2 guys (at 2 different times of course) eat me out. I know its still considered sex to many.

If you have oral sex with someone, do you claim that you to have sex? or should it just mean nothing?

Should I have said none lol. I have no idea why someone would ask this question and if my answer even made sense.


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  • Oral sex is sex, that is why it is called oral "sex". But you are right that many people think only intercourse is sex. No idea how that thinking got going. Anyone who can read should know that the definition of sex is much broader.

    "A guy asked me how many bodies did I have." We each have one body. What a strange way for him to put it.

    As to your answer to him, I really don't know why you felt you had to tell him anything about it. Unless the two of you are getting serious and want to discuss that.

  • It counts for something but not intercourse


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