What shoud I do with her number?

i am a junior in higschool and there is this freshman girl that i really like and i used to talk to her and i then i started to like her but i when somebody told her that i liked her panicked and have not been able to talk to her since but i am usually still see around her because we are in the same group of friends. i think she might like me but i can't be sure but, the point is my friend knows that i just can't find the courage to talk to her so he gives me her number and i was wondering if it would be better to ask her personally which i want to do or just start texting her would it come off as creepy what do i say

also i can't contact her through fb because she doenst have one


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  • If he's got it, call herrrrrrrr!!! Girls love iit when the guy has courage to call her, be proud that you fancy her but you don't have to admit it. When she asks you how you got her number, say you got your mate to give it to her. Make sure you think of somethings to say and DONT call her home phone, it's very embarressing for a girl to explain to their parents why a boy was calling her

  • i would find it creepy! i think you should ask her for it herself it would be better.


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