I like a problematic guy - please help me?

I developed liking for a guy initially this year. Obviously due to the fact that he had been complimenting me, i even noticed him staring at me secretly. With the passage of time, my feelings developed as well. But the guy never said anything like that to me whether he likes e or not. I do like him but I also never said anything like that to him. Few days back I chatted with him and he was like "I heard your friends are not going on that political protest" I replied "yes you heard right", he replied "and you won't go with anyone else except your friends, right?" I felt as if he was asking me out in a way.. Is it so? During chat he also said "you don't know other aspects of my personality", I replied, "You also don't know certain things", he said "Lolz... I know a lot of things.. Even i am aware of those whom you think I dont know..." please tell me what is this all about? any likeness/interest from his side?


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  • Yes he interested


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  • This guy is a meatbrain. He thinks he's smart, and he may even be, but he takes no lead whatsoever. He wants you to do all the work.


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