Does anyone out there have a significant other that lost one of there parents?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 years his mother passes away about 5 years ago and still to this day takes it very hard. Whenever its around his mothers birthday or her death date he pushes me away to the point where I feel abandoned. I know its a way that some people deal with there grief but I want to connect with him emotionally when he's going through hard times. Any one out there dealing with this too?


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  • My current girlfriend lost her mother 6 years ago to a terrible debilitating desease. As sailortoheaven advised just offer support when he wants it and let him deal with it in his own fashion is about all we can do. I understand it is tough sometimes because we would like to be able to whipe the pain away, but that is not possible with such difficult tragedy. That's just life.

  • Its ok. Give him the space he needs.. most of guys feels better when they are alone.. guys are not good to share their feelings when they are sad and want just to go to our cave for sometime. Give him a chance to go and be alone, and just tell him whenever he need anything, you will be there for him. and that's all. Few days and he will be come back just fine :)

    • Thank you! I kind of figured he just needs some space but I feel so bad I don't want him to think i'm abandoning him!

    • Not at all.. just confirm with him before he gets by himself, that if he ever needs anything or wants to talk.. you will always be there. That's all.

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