What are some places you go or things you're involved with where you've met people?

I started to go to a meet up group but just one so far. Lots of older folks. I have a lot of friends in relationships and there's always ladies nights. Great, I know ladies. I don't know where to go to find the guys. I enjoy settings like in the meet up groups I've gone to which so far are discussions. I am just not getting anywhere though... Curious if anyone can just share their experience? I've cosidered a class but again, the things I join and classes seem to be older folks! I'm almost 30, anyone in this range is what im interested in.


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  • Look inside, and see what other hobbies you enjoy. You can't be that boring can you? No offence, of course. At the same time, we all want to know where the right place is. To be honest, and it's the simplist answer, but the hardest to understand. But the best place, is where you are anywhere. Shopping, going to dinner, lunch, breakfast. There are people that you see all the time (unless your home all the time). But it's really true, if you think about it. Like for example, I've been going to the club almost every night for a year, and am I in a relationship? No. The thing is, am I enjoying myself? Yes, then that's all there needs to be right? Be happy, work on yourself, and the man will come. If you feel inspired to date online, do that, or if you feel like going grocery shopping, then you'll find the guy there too. I try telling myself all the time, it's not your time frame, it's on god's time frame. Just don't force it to happen, because you'll date someone, when the time is right :) Just remember that when you feel lonely (because let's face it, where all human, and we all feel that way, because where not with someone. It's a gap that we want to fill or void, because life can become lonely at times), do something that puts your mindset into a more positive way. It's all about living life to it's fullest, and thinking of place to meet guys is very over raited. It can be literly anywhere, and no specific place. You've just got to get out of the comfort of your house. That's the step truthfully.


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