Suddenly interested?

i have this guy friend who i've known for a long time (aprox 5 years), we have a long history of me being interested in him and him treating me like crap. we hadn't talked in a really long time, almost 2 years, until a couple weeks ago where he randomly came down to my college out of the blue to visit me. he had never visited me before, but i still really like him and we spent the entire time cuddled together on my couch. i asked him what had changed, cause he never used to want anything to do with me, and he said he realized he had been a really shitty person and wanted to make it up to me.

we've been talking and flirting every day, but i really want him to come back. i don't have a car and he does so it's really up to him, but im trying not to be pushy and annoying. the thing is, with his track record im really worried he's not coming back. he says he will, he's just busy, but im not really sure what to believe anymore. none of my friends think he's coming back, and im worried they're right, or that he changed his mind after that night together...



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