Do you think he likes me? We text everyday now!?

SO in the past I have had some trouble with taking things too fast. So I've taken things slow with this guy because I really like him. We have been texting for about three months and have hung out a few times and we are in a few classes together so we will often study together too. We have flirted a little bit and the other day he had been drinking and snapchatted me telling me I looked hot because I had snapchatted him some pictures of me out too. Anyways now for the past month we have texted every day and he often starts the conversation asking how my day went or how my classes/practices went. We haven't hooked up or kissed or anything yet. I am really starting to fall for him. Should I let him know? Or would that freak him out? Has it been enough time or would that potentially scare him off?


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  • Personally it sounds like he likes you! I have a lot of the same doubts. I know how you feel about not wanting to scare him off. Drop subtle hints about liking him. Ask him who he likes, just kinda casually slip in a compliment every once in a while, and see how it goes! Good luck!