What's best in a girl being intelligent, good looking, or emotionally stable?

What would you like to have in a girlfriend. What do you want intelligent, good looking, or emotionally stable. YOU CAN ONLY PICK 2.

  • intelligent, and good looking
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  • intelligent, and emotionalay stable
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  • good looking and emotionally stable
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  • Intelligent in terms of worldly smart and can hold a conversation. I don't want to have to baby her and I would like to have long, deep conversations with her. If she is overly book smart, I wouldn't be attracted to her though, because I am an idiot, so a girl that was overly book smart I would feel out of place with.

    • And emotionally stable because I don't want to have to put up with her having a mental breakdown any time something bad happens

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What Guys Said 4

  • looks aren't important. "Beauty is just a light switch away"

    But if the chick is psycho, and I can't have a good conversation with her, well... that is a serious turn off lol.

  • I picked c because at least i am attracted to her and she wouldn't drive me crazy.
    As long as she's not a dut'dut'duu then i am ok.

  • Good looking and emotionally stable, hand down.

  • What does "emotionally stable" mean?

    • It's basically being able to under stand her emotions not reading into everything you do. And not being overly emotional or emotionallyrics detached.

    • Emotionally intelligence meaning very conscious of her emotions and able to act in a positive way no matter what. Someone who knows how to deal with their emotions really well

    • Well, voting for the one w/out it seems about as stupid as it is common... :P

What Girls Said 1

  • If she were to be INTELLIGENT I would assume smart all around, therefore that would 'race no room for emotional rollercoaster because I assume she would know better than to behave in an unorderly manner. So it she was emotionally stable and beautiful she would be perfect. :)

    • hmm this isn't quite true, one of my bestfriends is extremley smart (top in all her classes) yet she suffers from depression and has had eating disorders, therefore not emotionally stable :O

    • Personal choices (arguing, jealousy, botching) v. Situations out of ones control (mental, health disorders) two completely different things. :)

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