How do I know if he likes me or my friend?

My friend would never go against me. She's not looking for a relationship right now, but she thinks he likes me. He's my good friend; I really like him. The reason why I'm second guessing his intentions is because he tries including her in "our" time. He will tell her about our inside jokes. He complimented her hair once. :( at parties though, he's always with me. He always asks me to sit with him on the bus. He a tells me personal things, so wouldn't he tell me if he liked my friend. I don't know if I just get jealous too easily, or is my heart telling me something? Do I need a reality check?


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  • Actually I've been this guy before.

    I really liked this girl, but she was literally never without her best friend. I'd started liking her after a few weeks of us three hanging out, but I'm a fairly shy guy and it was too hard for me to tell her anything in front of her friend.

    I think from what you describe he probably likes you. He's including her in your 'our' time because she's your best friend and he assumes you will want her in on it, and same with inside jokes. He complimented her because (I know this will sound bad but it makes sense) the last person you want to be your enemy is your crush/girlfriend's best friend.

    I think the fact that he likes to sit with you on the bus, be with you at parties and that he tells you personal things shows that he likes you. But no, if I were him I wouldn't tell you or your best friend that I liked the other one. Girls are notorious for telling their best friends EVERYTHING, not that that's a bad thing but if I don't want you to know that I like you just yet, I also don't want your friend to know.

    • But yes, as the last guy said, asking him would be the most reliable way of knowing. Don't take my opinion as fact.

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    • I don't want to just be friends. I've made it clear, but he hasn't made it clear whether or not he is okay with it.

    • Well, maybe you should ask him :3 There's not really a better way besides waiting for him to tell you.

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  • This is too easy. Just ask him his feelings about you and her

    • But I'm so obvious in my intentions. It's 100 percent clear. Everyone knows.

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    • I'm going to the dance with him, so I'll tell him then.

    • That would be an excellent time

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  • You and your 'good friend' are just friends right now and so far no spark to it being more than it is. So with you inwardly ''I really like him' and Her telling you she believes this as well on his part is telling me also is maybe you missed seeing things for yourself that is right under your Nose----He likes and respects you. However, until you and him Get more into the swing of a potential Real thing, he feels is a free agent to flatter and flirt with any skirt and this would mean even your friend right now.
    He may or may not have small crush on her but he also knows where the boundary lines ends as far as him and her would go anyways. I believe he is smart enough and is this gentleman to know she is your friend, He is yours and together two is company but Three Is----Not a crowd neither.
    Good luck. xx

    • How do I get him more into the swing?

    • Start spending More time Alone together hanging out doing fun things... leave your friend to home.:)) xx

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