How to ask a guy if he wants to hang out?

I'm in college and have a crush on a guy at home. He has texted me many times that I should come home so we can hang out. We have already hinted at hooking up, so it's basically guaranteed we will. I need to text him to ask if he will want to hang out if I went home this weekend (because if he doesn't want to/is busy, I won't go home), but I don't know how!

My one idea was to ask, "What are you doing Friday night?" "I don't know, why?" "How about me?"

Help please!

Also, if he ends up saying yes, how do I hint that I would rather spend the evening at his house rather than going somewhere?


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  • So you're wanting to have sexy time? If that's the case I'd say your idea is great, lol. I'm a straightforward guy and terrible at understanding hints, if you delivered that line I would certainly get the message.

    If you're just looking to hang out at his house and have a fun time spending time with him, I think maybe you should change up your approach lol.

  • That's excellent. Another would be,"would you like to go out?"


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