How do you get over your "Oh" moments in a relationship?

After dating someone for a given amount of time, you naturally run into differences that the two of you have and things you both disagree on (in other words, your "oh.." moments). How do you get over your differences? What if one of you does not want to worth through it? I believe it's better to work through it, not ignore it for a later time. How do you handle a partner who does not like to talk about your differences and work things out? Any tips/advice from guys and girls would be appreciated.


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  • You can't handle someone that doesn't want to work things out. That's pretty much a my way or the hiway attitude. All relationships are a ratio of what you love and what you hate about them. In a good healthy relationship you would love the good and accept the bad in each other. If the bad outweighs the good or you find you're the one doing most of the compromising then you probably need to get out


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  • Yeah it's definitely better to just be up front about it, be honest, and have an open dialogue.

    I think often times people confuse the idea that someone might be "perfect for them" with the concept that the person is actually PERFECT. There's always gonna be faults, differences, and challenges; that's just the way it is, and in a weird sort of way I think it's great. You get to overcome those things and appreciate a person even with their imperfections.

    The only time you really will run into major problems is if these differences are major (conflicting core values: whether or not to have kids, importance of money and how to spend it, thoughts on monogamy, desires for very similar religious beliefs, etc.). Either that, or if you simply run into a person that is not willing or able to overcome the minor stuff, then you're in for trouble. Otherwise, "oh" moments really are't that big of a deal. They happen, and mature relationships can get past them and even become strengthened by them.

  • you act like "adults" and "talk" about your issues...

    And if the person doesn't want to be an "adult" and "talk" about our issues... that person becomes "single"

    • It's not that simple for some guys - some guys have a real difficulty with communication. They'd probably rather go get beat up in some sport than discuss a topic that makes them disagree/argue with their girl. These can be some really sweet, genuine and caring guys, so this solution can't work on them. What then?

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    • ... when there's stuff to resolve.

      you have to be able to confront things. otherwise you're just pretending to be adults in a relationship.

    • @Azara for the win!

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