What's the best way to start a conversation with a girl and hope to get her number somewhere in that conversation?

So I want to start talking with this girl who is real cute but I don't know how to start a good conversation with her or how to ask for her number


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  • Ways guys have given me their number:
    1) Once I had a guy thank me for inviting him to a party and he said "Oh by the way I was jw if you have my number?" Super casual
    2) I needed the number of our teacher and he had her number and he was like "Oh while you're at it do you want my number just in case?"
    3) Had a guy complain to me he couldn't remember his phone number and he said "It's either (number) or (same number) haha"
    Other ideas would be to say:
    -oh hey I just got a new phone and need numbers?
    -Hey, wanna chill at (insert place)? Here's my number so you can contact me when you get there
    Wow, the weather's so nice today. Thanks (her name).
    Asking what?
    For my number.
    No I didn't/ I did?
    You did now ;) *Gives her your numbern on a prepared post it*. I always knew you'd ask (her name) ;)
    Haha the last one's kind of a joke but it's an idea :P


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  • I think that you should talk to her on a Thursday or a Friday and ask her what her plans are for the weekend. If she says she is free or planning on doing an activity, maybe hiking or some hobby that is for more than one person, talk about your interest in that hobby or activity and suggest that maybe you can get together and do that sometime, then ask for her number. Try and find some common ground and go from there.


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