How can I help her to open up?

Hi .

I have a little problem and I need some advices, please . I have a girlfriend (recently) and she is so gorgeous and wonderful and I love her so much . The problem is that she had some other boyfriends before me and they all made her suffer . Now she is afraid not to suffer again and she is very affected because of this . She is still crying although there were few months since she broke up with the last ex-bf . And I really don't know what to do to help her to get rid of this mood . She says she loves me but I feel there is a huge wall between us because of what has happened to her .

So, if you have experienced something like this, please give me an advice . I really need some .

Thanks .


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  • All you can do is show her that you are NOT like those other boys

    and that you are NOT going to ever treat her the way they treated her

    and that YOU love her NOW and that is all that matters

    just be calm and kind and comforting and be there when she needs you....random acts of kindness will get you far: flowers just because, chocolates randomly, an early morning text of "i love you"

    after a while you should try and broach the subject with her...find out exactly what those other guys did that made her so obviously care about her and I can tell that it hurts you a little to see her so ripped up so let her know that her pain effects you you've got to ask her about what they did so that you can make sure to NEVER do any of those things......let her know that you don't ever want to hurt her and that you can help her do away with the suffering, but let her tell you when she's ready and in her own way, just be there for her...bad memories can be painful, just be there for her and love her, that all you can do

  • I haven't experienced such thing but in my personal opinion you should be supportive to her for a few months, I mean more supportive than normal times so that she gets over it . If she tells you she loves you then she does . She just needs time and support . Give her what she wants and it'll be alright:)



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