What is your veiw on a 3 way relationship?

Me and my girlfriend of 3 years were talking and she told me she was bi and we talked about a 3 knowing it would never happen well we started talking to an old friend (girl) and well we all ended up agreeing to be a couple so I'm dating both girls and they are dating eachother. how will this end in your opinion is there something I should or shouldn't do?


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  • Personally, I think you're too deep. If you like how it's going, then awesome but I don't think it will end well for you. If not her deciding she's levian and not attracted to you anymore or maybe you being somewhat cut out of the relationship. Could be jealousy on your girls end because you don't have sex with her as much as you used to.

    • I know she won't turn lesbo cuz she likes the D a lot lol but yeah one of them getting jello is what scares me I don't know how to divide 50/50 60/40 I don't know

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    • I mean of you want to share pictures. Lol jk... not really. But I'm gonna stop and try to keep my head above water lol

    • Slowly killing myself I know...

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  • Its like every guy's dream i guess.. but you can only keep it going for so long before someone gets ejected at some point. Probably you. Its fun for now though, so just enjoy it while it lasts. I see a lot of up sides but i see a lot of down sides as well.

    • The new girl is going to move in together with us and sleep in our bed and I know my first girlfriend won't leave me I'm not scared of that I'm scared of the future and mabey having to pick one and the other hates me from then on.. Also it was their idea at first

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    • does she know you are porking two girls? (speaking of which, do you have sex with your second gf?) like are there rules like you can't have sex with just one? it has to be two. or can you have sex with your gf but if you want to have sex with the second girl ur first gf has to be around.. how about dates.. how does that work? you could message me, I'm curious. i need it for my book too.

    • I don't know how to message you tell me and I will

  • Hmm, I haven't structured a relationship that way, so it's hard for me to say. I have open relationships with several girls, and while they all know about each other, they've never been introduced or communicated with one another. Honestly, I've been a bit skeptical of getting them involved with one another (maybe I shouldn't be?)

    If the three of you are happy with the arrangement, that's great. I'd be really interested to hear how it develops.

    In any case, I think you have to always be very open and honest with them about your feelings (even more than normal), encourage the same from them, and not show any favoritism--nurture each relationship fully. I think it's going to require a fare greater deal of openness, maturity, and lack of jealousy compared to more traditional relationships.

    But hopefully someone who has arranged relationships similar to you will have more insight to share, your relationship structure is a touch out of my experience. I recall reading from someone else on GaG that they were polyamorous. Hopefully they'll come across your question.

    • We don't have anyone else we are totally committed to each other but yeah its been an awesome 3 weeks so far and if you want to know how it progresses you can email me if you want

  • A date triangle?
    This can't end well...

    • Hopefully won't end and everything I read just well there isn't a lot