Why didn't he contact me?

Hi guys, I met a guy online, he initiated contact online and through text. He texted me on Saturday and Sunday and Sunday he thought I stopped texting him cause my phone had a glitch. Anyways on Monday he asked to speak on the phone. We spoke for over an hour, I ended the conversation and said if he'd like we can continue talking, he said yes. Anyways, I didn't hear from him all week so following Sunday I texted him just "how are you " we texted back and forth, mostly small talk. I was the one who sent the last text, which didn't require a response so I'm definitely not upset he didn't reply... it has to stop somewhere. I'm wondering what you guy think, is he into me? Right now I'm feeling like not so much and decided I'm not going to contact him. If he contacts me then I will gladly reply back to him. Do you think maybe he was turned off by our conversation? I'm just wondering why he would not contact me. He's the first guy after my ex, that I'm excited about. I'm of course not going to force it if its not there but it's been really hard for me to feel a connection with someone.


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  • Just fucking call him and if he doesn't answer move on


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