He is giving mixed signals please help?

I went on a second date with a guy and extremely confused. We planned to go see a movie and he said I should meet him at his place and we can go from there. I drove an hour *getting lost several times* to get there and we went right to the movie. It was a horror movie he did not put his arm around me at all when he was texting me saying he couldn't wait to cuddle with me. He put his hand on my knee during the last minute of the movie.

When we got back to his house he didn't invite me inside he hugged me and made sure to step away in a way that made sure we couldn't kiss. He still hasn't kissed me after all this time of texting etc. So basically I drove a total of two hours and went through hell getting lost to go sit in a movie theater and be ignored. I could smell alcohol on his breath so he didn't even care enough to brush his teeth wtf. The way he texts me he says he is really into me and how he loves the way I look. He's 28. Does anyone have any insight here? thanks


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  • Unfortunately you would think age matters when it comes to maturity and honesty. I have went through similar, going out of my way to go see a guy and having a bad time. In turn I have never gone far anymore, I ask to meet half way or if he respects you he'll pick you up. I suggest you drop him, quick. Do not allow your self to indulge completely in all the sweet talk or compliments. Actions speak louder than words.

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