Want to ask a girl out but I feel inferior compared to her guy friends?

So... here's my issue. There's a girl i'm friends with from Work, the usual cliche 'both started on the same day' and just sorta hung out. I've been wanting to ask her out for awhile now but there's one big problem...

Her guy friends. Now nothing wrong with a girl having friendships with dudes and vice versa. That's completely cool. Problem is I feel vastly inferior compared to them. She's bit of a tomboy and many of her guy friends are the usual dude-bro types but she has a geeky side which is how we got to be friends (someone else in my town who likes Kamen Rider? WHODATHUNKIT?). We do often hang out together in groups and of course separately but when I look at 'what goes on' during these hang outs I can't help but feel I have no chance whatsoever.

Her guy friends are mostly of the lean with some muscle mass to very atheltic... and I'm kinda chubby despite the weight I lost from work.
Often when she goes out with her guy friends... it's big sports events (which I have no interest in outside of hockey)... when it's with me it's just marathoning tv shows or going to different record and comic shops, nothing super exciting.
They have way more experience in dating whereas I only had one girlfriend that lasted about a week because she was insane.
They're outgoing and charismatic
I'm the funny nice guy whose extremely socially awkward...

I'm not saying they're bad guys, not at all but I really wanna ask her out but like I mentioned, that damn Inferiority kicks in basically saying 'Dude just give up'.

So... what should I do girls/guys? Just give up my feelings for her and just try to stay friends? Or just say 'Fuck It' and go for it?


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  • Just tell her how you feel. I felt like that until recently someone was picking on me for not saying how I feel. SO I did. All the girls I told were very sweet about it and one of them even said she felt the same but it's a shame her and I live in different places and have our own relationships

    Like the Nike Slogan "Just Do it!"


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  • If she wanted to be fucking those guy friends, she'd be fucking those guy friends. They obviously aren't doing "something" for her that she wants and needs. Ask her out