When does labeling occur?

I was asked out by this guy I obviously liked and agreed when he asked to go get chinese (he knew it was my favorite). He acted like he was asking me out on a date with it and even refered to it as his "proposal" a day later when he was asking me if he was too awkward about it. I told him he wasn't and we've just been haning out occasionaly like best friends since then. He has me confused because he hasn't acyually taken me anywhere yet and doesn't label me as his girlfriend or anything. The only thing that has me thinking he's still interested is that he's held my hand once since then (two weeks). Is this his way of dropping off the "proposal" or is he a slow going shy guy? Im only asking because this is my first relationship and my best friend keeps telling me it's not natural-a tad concerned.


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  • Does he hang out with you a lot? Talk to you? Does he try to organize hang-out times?

    If so I would say he is pretty much unofficially your boyfriend. If you want it to be official or are concerned, ask! Communication is hugely important in a relationship.


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