Why is my sister getting so annoyed at me having an opinion? That she asked for?

My sister has recently started dating this guy (we'll call him guy B).

But no more than a week before she was all about this other guy (we'll call him guy A) and we all know he likes her and she likes him, bu neither of them wanted a relationship at the time so he did the right thing and stopped leading her on. After he did this she said yes to going out on a date with this new guy.

So when i recently told her that i thought she would be better with guy A and that i could name at least 3 other people that would agree with me, she got really defensive and started shouting at me for getting involved when a few days before she was asking my advice for which guy she should choose and i told her then as well and she was fine with it then.

I think it's because there's something in what i said to her and deep down she agrees, or it could just be that she thinks i'm interfering. what do you guys think?


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  • she probably feels suckered being reminded that she didn't end up with A

  • She's a girl, that's just how they are.


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