How do I make my boyfriend to look at me the way he used to when we started dating?

Im 17 and my boyfriend is 18 and we have been dating for 7 months. We met through our best friends who were talking and wanted to meet each other but didn't want to do it alone so she brought me and he brought him. Well needless to say we were the ones who fell in love instead of them. We live 32 miles apart and go to 2 different high schools. When we started dating I was very reserved and shy i had never had a boyfriend before, but my mom loves him and so dose brothers and sisters. He is the perfect guy for me and i wouldn't want to change a thing at least i used to not want to change a thing. He used to come see me every weekend and even during the weekdays it was great. He would text me as soon as he got up in the morning and right before he fell asleep always. He would do the cutest things and even text me sweet things all the time and i loved it. We have been through a lot, there are people in is town that love to make up rumors and i hear them all because one of my best friends used to live there and goes over there all the time. I have been told he's cheating on me and sleeping with other girls and only wants me for sex. I know thats not true everytime someones tries to prove it they said they can't find the messages or that they deleted them and this never stops. The first time i got told that he made out with another girl i had just left his house and was already almost home so i called him and asked him what was going on and he drove 100 miles a hour just to get to my house and he got out crying and begging me not to leave him and that none of that was true and this went on for about 1 hour and we ended up falling asleep in eachothers arms. That is the boy i want back. I want that passion i want him back. Latley he blows me off and never comes down here and sometimes won't even tell me goodnight and he acually get mad at me which used to never happen. I want him back i dont know what i could do to bring him back can someone please help me?


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  • It's not him, it's you.

    You expected that puppy-dog romance to last forever. That's why it's called "puppy-dog." We outgrow that shit.

    I used to be the SAME EXACT WAY. I'm sure most guys did. A lot of us outgrow it, like myself. I will never chase now. If a girl tries to test me I drop her on the spot.

    I'm sure you feel sad about that. I'm sure that super romantic Romeo-Juliet thing was really exciting for you. But I'm here to tell you not to let it go to your head. Too many women nowadays expect that from their guys and it's ruining relationships. It's been 7 months and the reality of a relationship has hit both of you. Now he's noticing things about you, I'm sure you've noticed things about him... good things, bad things, whatever. But that's what a relationship is supposed to be about. It's about you two growing together and running into life head-on, in support of each other.

    Can you do that? Do you WANT to do that? Or are you all caught up in puppy-dog mode? Relationships change over time babe. Do you think two people who have been married for 50 years feel the EXACT same way? You think Grandpa is going to drive 100 mph over to Grandma's just to prove her wrong? No, of course not, their relationship is at a different level that doesn't require all that nonsense.

    Just remember what I said about being in puppy mode. it doesn't last. If you want a real relationship you're going to have to grow up and understand that it takes commitment that encompasses more than just your "feelings."

    • Im well aware that the whole puppy dog phase dosnt last forever. I was prepared for that however i dont want him to forget what he has and forget how to treat a girl and that you can't just ignore her or blow her off all the time. Thats not right and i just want to know why guys do it. Im the same girl he asked out 7 months ago.

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    • I go see him once a week and I don't even have a car or money yet I find a way. He has a truck he gets 1000 dollars a month every monthe and never comes over. I have never blown him off. And belive me I treat him very well. If he ever needs me I'm there in a heart beat yet I went to the ER and he barley texted me so belive me I treat him right

    • I'm not saying you're a bad girl, don't take it personal. I'm just saying that there are various POSSIBILITIES.

      $1000 a month is peanuts. Maybe he's got bills you dont know about. ER? Maybe he thought he was bugging you so he wanted to let you rest.

      Like I said, I'm not trying to make him out to be the angel OR the bad guy... but this is something you have to talk to him about babe. You're going to have to ask questions instead of projecting your feelings out and making him out to be the bad guy. That's just my advice... take a close look and be honest with yourself. Nobody here can give you better advice than that. Most dudes here will tell you to just toss your boyfriend to the side, no questions asked, and that's irresponsible and childish.

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  • Maybe he is upset about the rumors and it's rubbing him the wrong way. Have you been accusing him of anything? On the other hand, sometimes relationships just die out. We're still young, no one ever knows what they want until they can't have it, maybe you two should try to talk it out and if that doesn't work take a break. Have you tried telling him about your feelings? I hope it all works out, love... :/