Why did my bf point out so many flaws of mine?

so i've been getting to know this guy and we went on a first proper date last week. And he kept pointing out my imperfections , for example: You have a pimple / you have dark circles/ your skin looks rough/ get a hair cut
And then he tells me I'm beautiful, like wth?
Is he superficial?


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  • He is playing a high level mental game. Get out. You do not need a guy who first words out of his mouth is that your feelings need to be taken for a nasty ride.

    If he does not like you the way you are then why is he really with you?

    He wants you to feel so low that you will do what every he says.


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  • I would notice stuff about my girlfriends all the time and they would all assume that I was pointing out their flaws.

    It's not that. It's about observing the small things about you and appreciating them.

  • Because he is an asshole who wants to knock you down a bit. It (a) makes him feel better about himself and (b) makes it easier to control you.

    • but he tells me I'm way out of his league, he probably lies about that. I guess you're right though. Thanks :)

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