My bf hasn't contacted me.. three days?

hey everyone~
I've been with my bf for two months (with two months prior dating) and he kept his promises of meeting up. we had a musical on saturday.. and even that week he hasn't contacted but eventually he did.. but this week he's starting it again.. i know he cares about me and we have to attend his best friends wedding together (he invited me as a guest) but i feel like no texts and no calls seem a bit ridiculous!! at least one! text or call isn't so hard is it? he's told me he was quite depressed since he quit his job a few weeks ago.. but he's MIA.. again. i sent him one emoticon on Monday and tried calling him only ONCE yesterday.. of course he hasn't called back.. i know im being paranoid but is it normal behavior? i haven't mentioned about this yet.. after the musical date he just disappeared.. but last week he was the first to text and call.. so i don't know whats going on.. but he can sleep allll day (trust me he can) but i just wish i knew what was going on.. should i contact him today? i dont wanna go to his place unannounced.

oh and he really does treat me like a queen since we started our relationship. but i think he's not that type of guy to like messaging and we dont talk on the phone forever.. some like an hour or some like forty minutes... but im just so darn confused.


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  • he shouldn't ever go prolonged periods of time without communication unless he gives you a reason before hand. if you think this is an issue, try texting him and calling him for the next few days. if he still doesn't reply, go to his house. you're his girlfriend.

    • he HAS mentioned two weeks ago he was depressed.. but he didn't tell me he needed space. i am so gosh darn confused!! does that kinda mean he needs space?

    • idk. i fully believe that the couple must tell each other their troubles and not "need space" unless they just had a big fight and they each need time to cool down.

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