Should I ask him out or wait?

So I have been taking to this guy for almost a month now. we met on tinder and seem to be getting along. We joke around and flirt a fair bit. He told me if we ever watch a scary movie that I can cuddle in to him (because I said I usually hide behind behind a blanket). I want to meet him and am debating asking but I'm terrified that he will say no. Should I just go ahead and do it and or wait and see of he asks me out.


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  • we are in the 21st century. Gender equality is reigning. If you want to ask him out, go on ahead and do it. If you are afraid to, then think of the fear he's going to have to go through to ask you out.

    • thanks for the vote.

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  • if you do go out, make sure its a public place with lots of people.

    if you want to, go ahead.

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