Why is the friendzone a no go zone for girls?

why is the friendzone a no go zone for girls?


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  • The girl zone for girls is for guys that they are not attracted to. They may be attracted to the guys personality but they're not attracted to their personality AND physically. Hence the guys in the friend zone are in an area of "no go".

    Guys have this zone as well except its usually the "I like you but I don't want a relationship with out zone.
    Also know as when a guy likes you physically but your missing what he wants personality wise.
    Which is why if you find someone you physically and mentally attracted to and they feel the same, well you're the lucky ones.


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  • Because they like you as only a friend. They dont see themselves dating you or getting married to you.

  • Because you don't make the cut for boyfriend material.


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  • Bruce Lee was a tap dancer, child star and cha cha champion when he was young.
    Mike Tyson raised birds as a kid and wanted to do it professionally.
    John Wayne's real name is Marion, he also liked theatre.

    All these guys have one thing in common, they all were born Beta males.

    What I'm getting at is what would these Beta guys do if they were friend zoned? Probably not even bother with her and keep whooping ass. Besides if they want an Alpha that talks shit that's fine, as long as they don't talk shit about you.

  • Because she didn't make it to girlfriend material