We were friends that went on a date and now I dont know what she thinks?


A month and a half ago, I went out for the first time with a girl who i have known for four years. We flirted a lot and had a fun time. I asked her out on two occasions after that but she declined both times (busy). I stopped contacting her after that. No more texting, phone calls etc.

Unfortunately, we hang out in the same circle and i see her from time to time at friends parties etc. She would stare at me for 10-15 seconds (i could see her from the corner of my eye.) When i look at her, she quickly turns her head away.

Now she messaged me late Saturday night to say thanks for something she asked me for a couple days earlier. Any ideas on whats going on in her head?


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  • If I were you I would text the girl and ask her whats going on.. Ask her if she likes you and in what way..


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