What do people in long distance relationships text to each other?

I'm just curious what are all the things they could possible text each other everyday (if they text everyday).


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  • Anything , you can become really close , you don't really get tired of each other so you talk all the time and that crucial for LDR to work


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  • usually stuff. Im in a long distance relationship now. and its not always ideal or perfect. But its a sense of knowing someone out there gives a crap... even if its a little one. Still gets me through the day.

    • i'd suggest you two try to meet ASAP.
      LDR won't work in the long run without seeing eachother. Eventually the longing for physical conctat, coupled with the limited ability to DO stuff will likely tear you appart slowly.
      you need to meet to keep it together.

      Just a friendly advice from one who have tried.

    • @darmaul15 I completely agree with you! we both really want to meet. But to fly from U. S to U. K is more then 2k and plus the exchange of $ to pounds is really expensive and intimidating.

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  • Whatever is on their mind and occasionally sexting.