Please help me? I think my boyfriend is cheating?

I broke it off today & he cried, i thought about it & gave him another chance.. This girl in my nail tech class likes him, & she posted a picture on Facebook , saying ' he is so cutee he should go to jail for murderr " & she said do you feel the same about me? he said maybe. I told him i didn't want her talking to him and he promised. I tried talking to him about it. I cannot stop crying, I just don't know what to do. I don't want him talking to THIS girl, we've had MANY probs in the past. She takes EVERYONE'S boyfriend & didn't want mine until he got a girlfriend.. ( me )

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I wanna give up because honestly, what guy is fighting through all this bullshit for?


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  • Just because he made one comment on Facebook to the girl doesn't mean he's cheating. I think you are overreacting. That being said, the one comment he did make was rather questionable as to how he feels about her. But again, that does not mean he is cheating with her though. I mean, if you really don't trust him then yes, the best thing to do is just end the relationship. If you want to make this work, however, then you would need to talk to him with open and honest communication. He needs to know exactly how you feel and if talking to this other girl is a deal breaker for you, then he would need to know that so he can decide if he would be willing to not do that. So, it really just depends.

    • Oh, I didn't mean it like that, I mean just last week she was all over him, & he has told me in the past since they dated they're will always be something between them. But thank you anyways! (:

    • Okay, I understand. Well if it makes you that uncomfortable and you think that this behavior is not likely to change, then you have every right to end the relationship. Do what you think is best for you :)

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  • How would we know if you're over-eating?


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  • Well before you go jumping to conclusions give him the benefit of the doubt. You told him you didn't want him talking to her. So see if he removed/blocked her on Facebook. And if he does talk to her again then there is a problem

  • Okay she's an idiot. But don't start making assumptions about him. You are overreacting. Look for more signs so you can ask again. And I'll be willing to help. But you aren't giving enough details here...

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