Really immature situation with this guy?

So he did something that made me think he wasn't interested in me so naturally I stopped saying hi to him in person (more like acted like i didn't see him).

I know it was immature but I wanted to see if he would actually come up to me but he never did. it's been like 2 months now and we no longer talk and it's so awkward he won't say a word to me even when he is near but I still catch him staring at me all the time but he acts like he doesn't or will look away quickly.

Is there any point of fixing this? He clearly never liked me right?


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  • Well first of all you don't know that for sure, you guessed at it and never asked him. He might have liked you and you just misunderstood.

    And second, even if he wasn't into you, that doesn't mean he didn't want to be friends :( I think you were kind of harsh

    • i just felt like he wasn't trying though... he could have simply come up to me

    • Well if a girl started ignoring me, I would take that as "leave me alone". I mean what else should I take that to mean? Lol

  • Move on. its been two months. Stop freaking.


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