How do you go about starting over in the dating world?

I feel lost in this area and not sure how to go about starting over after my previous attempts at female relationships failed or lead to basic friendships instead.

think before i had a better idea what I needed to work on and the type of girls to go after but now feel rather lost and not really sure what to do or where this search is headed. like I'd be lost as to how to try and get a date at the moment ,
I have talked to a lot of girls this past year but things just didn't seem to get romantic and some of them instead ended up dating other guys.
all I know is I'm currently single and open to dating someone I'd find interesting and attractive


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  • Try to go more places. Being in your 30s can be tough socially, so just push yourself to go all sort of places.

    • but what kind of places would I find young women who actually wanted to date or would be datable as they say.

    • It depends on your interests. You want someone compatible. But if you're into fitness, try charity 5Ks and kickboxing classes, for instance. If you like reading and movies, try a club at the local library or university event. Etc.

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