Do I have the right to tell my boyfriend to quit doing bad actions?

So I have a boyfriend who is in the marines and during boot camp I cheated. (Yes I know save the criticism) He finally took me back after 3 months of being in a break. He told me he did bad things for money and he is also starting to smoke again. He got arrested for his dirty money and I had to pick him up. I honestly feel like I'm in no position to give him an ultimatum because why would he chose a cheating girlfriend over big money. I have no idea if I should even help him since I cheated and I feel like I already have the label of being a bad girlfriend. I really want him to change back into the nice guy I met before this all happened.


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  • Another reason why Marines have such high divorce rates cheating whores. Plus boot camp its only 3 months. But yeah, you have a right to tell him whatever you want, it's up to him to listen to you.

    • He isn't in the marines and it wasn't just 3 months and don't use your personal experience I to insulting me. Have a good day tho.

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    • He isn't right he insulted me and I clearly said (save the critisism) so no he isn't right and I will do whatever I please it's my question.

    • Hey guys, you don't have to be jerks. She's asking for help, not insults.

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  • Well if you cheated and realized that it was wrong and apologized already, then you quit doing bad actions for him. I'd say that gives you a right to ask him to quit doing bad actions for you.

    • What if he doesn't change?

    • Well, if I were you, I would break up with him... but I'm not you. It's your decision.

  • No, you don't have the right to give him an ultimatum. Because NOONE has any right to give someone an ultimatum

    However, you have EVERY right to tell him how you feel, and try to help him change.


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