Is it a huge mistake to get involved with a flatmate?

This girl i live with had got all up in my head recently and im crushing hard! She really flirts with me all the time, i'm a bit of a netflix nightowl and she often comes down from her room to the living room late at night while im watching a show for some excuse wearing nothing but her underwear! And she is SEXY! She then comes over and sits with me in her panties and watches a bit of whatever im watching with me, really close up against me. Whenever we have conversations they're often super sexual and thats usually not my fault. Like outta nowhere she decides to tell me she sleeps naked every night and we start flirting and stuff. I'm 100% sure she's into me.
We're at uni together and there are 2 things that are keeping me from making a move,
1. She lives with me
2. She has a (sort of) boyfriend back home but they're "not official"
I would love for something to happen between us and for us to have a relationship but I'm just worried about the rest of the year and how it would be. Also we have 2 other housemates, a guy and a girl, if that would affect the situation at all.
Would love to know if anyone has any experience dating a flatmate or knows someone who has and can shed some light for me, thanks xx


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  • Just enjoy the moment. Don't think of a relationship right now.


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