Should I continue to date a guy whose best friend used me for sex?

A dated a guy for a bit he came of strong, extra sweet etc we had sex (he was my first) then I never heard from him again.
I didn't date for a while as I was pretty down on myself but have recently started to date (online) again and have met a really nice, seemingly genuine guy. We speak for hours and have been on some great dates. He added me on Facebook and I noticed his best friend who he talks about is in fact the first guy who used me.(The first guy never added me on Facebook or said much about his friends or family which should have been a red flag itself so it didn't click in the begining)
I don't know how to approach this...

Firstly should I tell him what his friend did or just ignore the situation?
Should I continue to date this guy or get out before I become too attached?
The first guy is a real jerk but I can tell the guy I'm dating now really cares for him so I don't want to cause trouble.
Should I try and talk to the first get and smooth things over?

Any advice?


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  • Don't date when you are down on yourself. It will create an unbalanced relationship that puts you in a vulnerable position and creates dependence issues. Work on yourself first then when you are confident in yourself you can have loving healthy relationships that build you as a person.

    • Great advice. It's been around a month since the first guy and I do feel ready again, I haven't rushed into sex again and the new guy knows I want to wait until we get to know each other better and is fine with that.

    • As long as you are confident in yourself :)

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  • Get out before you get hurt. Guys pass girls around who put out. Friend of similar thoughts think alike.

    There are millions of guys out there, why this one? What is the chances of meeting the guy who thought you were not worth a second glance, once he got what he wanted. If you are marked as easy, the same results will occur.

  • I would normally suggest not living through rose colored glasses but this stinks of bullshit. Get out while you can.


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