How do I not screw up a first kiss? What was your first kiss like?

Me and my new girlfriend have been dated for a while now and it's getting to that point where we have to have our first kiss as a couple and I'm actually nervous for the first time. I've known her since we were born and I can see a future with her. I'm a great kisser ( so I've been told) , but I don't know what to do about this one. The first kiss in a relationship says a lot about it , so any tips not to be nervous about kissing her. What was your first kiss like and how did you not get nervous.


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  • If you have been told that you're a great kisser, why are you worrying too much? For me, a first kiss should be short and sweet. French kissing is totally unacceptable. It should be simple yet unforgettable. Also, find a nice place to do it.

    • Would her birthday be a good day ( it's the next time I'll see her in person)? And I'm nervous because she's different from the other girls and she has so much confidence and I don't want her to stop being into me.

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    • You got it :)

    • YAY I'm not a failure!!!

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  • I am not sure, but my kiss was magical

  • LOL Keep it natural. Kiss her with all your feelings and that's how you do it.

    • the only feeling I have besides passion for her is the feeling that I'm gonna screw it up. lol

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