Do I start dating this man or not? Do you believe it's pointless or am I getting ahead of myself?

Over my summer job, one of my brothers friends worked at the same establishment. In the fall he goes to school a province away. He started chatting me up on Facebook. He asked me on a date and I said yes. My brother and friends who know him well had told me he is a very nice and genuine guy. I figured he was worth a shot! We had one date and it went really well. I was so excited to finally meet a nice guy. The problem is that he just told me he wants to apply for grad school in Copenhagen. He wants to spend time together over Christmas but now I am feeling like it is pointless to pursue. I have spent the last two years travelling and I am looking for something serious now. I don't know why this guy is pursuing me if he does not plan to stay here... Should I go on another date or is it a waste?

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  • What are your other options?

    I'd keep him on back-burner. He's not going to be sucking up a lot of your time. Tell him that you're not dating him exclusively, because he's not going to be around, but you'd be more than happy to spend some time with him, since he seems like a nice guy. But, let him know you're interested in settling down, and you're not interested in moving.


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