After his holiday should he let me know he's back?

So he made sure he saw me before he left and said he'd let me know when he was back.. which was only for 6 days but it's now 4 days since he's been home (from what I think from Facebook?) and he hasn't said anything to let me know he's back? Do I wait for him or leave it til later this week and say something?


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  • Who is he to you? What is your relationship?

    • In his words when asked if I was his gf he said we were seeing eachother... we go on dates almost every week

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    • Shouldn't i wait to see if he's actually into me?

    • If he isn't into you, wouldn't you rather know today instead of 2 weeks from now?

  • Wait for him.

    • until when? it's been 2 weeks since we caught up. he made the effort to see me before he left

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