Should I ask him if he would go my my bff party with me?

My bff is having her birthday next weekend at a club and I have been talking to this guy for a week and we went on a date last Tuesday. We have been texting each other everyday, should I ask him to join us?
My ex will be there too since he is also friends with her but he would probably take the girl he is dating.
I don't know if it would be a good idea, help please!

  • Ask him to go with you
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  • Go only with your girlfriends
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  • Find a cute guy in the club and make the ex jealous
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  • Just go and have a good time, don't mind the boys
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  • Might be a bit early for that. If he is the really social type then maybe you should ask him. Ask him would he be comfortable first. He doesn't know your friends so it could end up being uncomfortable for him. He would probably say yeah just to make you happy. Honestly, 1 week in might be a bit early to be going to clubs together. Imho

    • He has told me that he goes to parties like every weekend but I don't know if it would make him feel uncomfortable hanging out with a strange group of people that he doesn't know..

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  • Ask him, if he can't make it, just go with the girls and have fun.
    By the way, you're SO pretty.

    • The party is still like 10 days away so things can happen, if I do ask him it would be when there are only a couple of days till the party.

    • Even the thing about taking the other guy and making him jealous. Sometimes, seeing your ex having so much fun with their friends without you is the same thing, so even if he can't come it'll still be something lol.

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