How would you interpret this when talking to an ex?

Well I added my ex on fb on Halloween. We haven't talked in a few years now, and I've always had some feelings for him. He liked my profile picture on Sunday and I just though what the hell, I'll message him. Turns out we started talking for 3 hours, and he stayed up pretty late just to talk to me. He also isn't really into Facebook but since I added him, he posts more pictures of himself and stuff. When we were talking if the conversation started to die he'd flip the topics and such to make it so it didn't die. (If you get what I mean). It wasn't a flirty convo or anything, just generally chatting and catching up. But he kept calling me the nickname he gave me when we dated.
What would you think of this? Should I message him again?
Also, he doesn't live around me atm due to being in the military.



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  • seems like he may be getting a little lonely so its nice for him to talk to you again, or he may have found interest in you again, could be either or or both. if you feel like you want too then try it, its only talking. you have the power to take it further or not.

    • Well what throws me off is that he was liking a few of my posts and my pic on Facebook.
      However, I don't know if its just because he's lonely. He had me blocked on Facebook for awhile, but he unblocked me before leaving for the military. Do you think it'd be weird to strike a conversation with him from time to time to see where it goes?

    • i don't think itd be weird at all, just know what you want before going into it.

    • That is true, thanks.
      I never considered that,

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  • Are you still interested in him?

    • Well, I don't know. I really did enjoy being with him, but its been so many years and people change too. In a sense he's "The one that got away". if you get what I mean

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    • Hmm, maybe 2 or 3 days? I'm not sure, but don't use your weekend to message him. It makes it look like you have nothing to do... I feel.

    • Yea I didn't wanna wait a week, but I don't wanna do it right away either. Makes it seem bad either way.