How can I be SPONTANEOUS meeting girls?

Hey there,
Now when i realized, I felt regretted a bit for myself.
Every time when i turned my eyes to another direction, I see beautiful decent looking girl walking towards my direction.
But I failed to block her using hand gesture and say hi to her SPONTANEOUSLY (I have done direct approaches like this, giving compliment and it worked well, but didn't go far)
I feel so bad, every time when i thought i didn't stop this girl... anxiety is there, confidence is not always on...


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  • @Prilee1992 Sounds like you meet/run into these girls when you are out and about. One quick ice-breaker would be just ask them for directions to spark up a conversation

    • i try to be more honest, say what i like about the person...
      asking for direction could be unnatural for me, since i live at the area..

    • @Prilee1992 If your approach is working for you then stick with it. My guess is that going up to random girls and telling them what you like about their looks will be challenging in terms of getting responses. I would be interested to see what girls think.