Can't use ihphone 6 for days?

My LDR boyfriend got an inphone 6 on Thursday and called me Thursday to let me know he wouldn't be able to use it until Tuesday. Does that make sense to anyone? I didn't hear from him Friday or all weekend (by email, for example), but he sent me an email yesterday saying he can't use his phone yet but will call when he can. My guess is that he was with someone and didn't want me to mess things up with a call or text. Could what he's saying about his iphone6 possibly be true? What do you think?

  • May be true - he could be getting his data switched over which takes time
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  • He's lying - probably because he spent the weekend with someone else
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  • He's lying for some other reason
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On Tuesday, he emailed me saying "Still can't use my iphone yet. Hopefully case will get here today. I was told to wait until I get the case the take the shrink wrap off and I can't hear when it is on so I haven't used it yet. Can't wait to talk to you on my new iphone." Does this make sense to anyone? Then on Thursday he sent me a text using the number he's always had. What do you think is up with this?


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  • thats happened to me before, when i was renewing my contract i got a micro sim card (kept the same number etc) for my new phone but it stopped my data and sms/call privileges for 2 days until the new sim activated


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  • I've never heard of that happening. But I have Verizon and the phone part is switched over immediately.

  • This is why you don't do long distance relationships. Drama, mistrust and paranoia are rampant.


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