How to be more relaxed around his parents?

I've been dating a guy for about three months. I've been at his house several times and met his family about 4 times now. They are all super sweet and really funny, just like my guy. I get supernervous everytime I meet them though and can barely remember how to use my mouth haha. I'm starting to get more comfortable around them now though but I really don't want it to take this long time, I want them to like me and get to know them more. After I met them the first time I told him that I don't think I've ever been this nervous. He laughed and asked me why and I said because I wanted to make a good impression. He then smiled and said that I had already made the perfect one. But since he is so sweet I'm thinking he probably said that to make me feel better lol.

Any tips on how I become more relaxed around them? :)


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  • It's completely normal to nervous. I always get nervous around my boyfriend's family. I never know what to say and I just come off completely awkward. I think once we get more comfortable and be around them more then we'll become more relaxed. Ask your boyfriend for things that they like, so you'll know what to talk about if there are awkward silences


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