Over complicated relationship?

Me and this guy have sorta been together for over a year. I actually ended it this summer when I realized we weren't going anywhere and he was to scared to get into a relationship because he was about moving. I got back with him sort of 2 month later because he became an important friend to me but of course we hung out and end up fooling around again.

This time we both agreed to just be honest and straight up with one another if we meet other people. I got drunk and fooled around a guy no sex. I told him and it didn't seem to bother him.

He been extra distant with me and really busy with school. So a week ago I told that I thought about ending this and he freaked out on me. He told me there might be another chick but I found later he said that to make me jealous. Apparently he cares more for me now than he ever had.

We plan to talk about us. Right now I am giving him space to think on what he wants. He say he unsure if he wants a relationship because he going to move and stressed over school but wants me in his life and doesn't know what to do.

I think I rather spend time with him now before he moves than be in the same town and not hang. I really view him as an important friend but I risk falling for him.

Honestly don't know what to do.


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  • If he is moving away don't get into a long-distance relationship. Just accept that with where you both are in your lives that a relationship between you isn't a great idea.