So my boyfriend broke up on April 25, 2009. I gave this kid everything, even my innocence, and I feel like I can never get over him because he was my first love. So about two months ago he started dating this girl named megan g., and two weeks after that he moved to texas. And no matter what people told him about his girlfriend being a total cheating ho, he still decided to stay with her. But on his MySpace it has all kinds of stuff like I love megan f. (which hurts to see) and than you look at hers and it has nothing of him on it. And these last few days she has bin talking to my friend dillon and she told him that her and tarron (my ex) had broken up about a month and a half ago and that she had bin dating another friend of mine brain valdez, and she also told dillon that her and brian had just split 4 days ago. She has bin trying to get with my friend dilon and wen she was asked y tarrons page still said all that stuff about her she said hat it was old! So I kinda want to tell tarron about all this stuff going on, I can't because I don't want him to think that I'm just saying it to get him what do I do I'm confused! She's a cheating slut and I want to kick her ass!


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  • mm I have had a similar experience with someone less "slutty" though XD. All I can give for advice is to just forget about him, and all the drama that goes with him. You will be doing yourself a huge favor, and also relieving the hurt of breaking up. Moving on is the best way to go.

  • hmmmn sounds common...the guy obviously doesn't deserve should detox yourself of him and all these worthless ppl, stop checking his MySpace and just delete everything and anything that reminds you of will take time to forget...but I promise you will be so much better off...forget all these each their own, karma gets them in the end...

    also...just a girl to girl suggestion: I think it would be safer not to use their real names when asking questions on sites such as this one...because no one will ever find out that way and won't be sort of published on the internet...its just for your own good and safety

    gluck and feel better

    xoxo :)