Is there something in a girl's apperiance that makes her girlfriend material/ just a hook-up?

Well, is there? (Talking only about her looks) Please elaborate your answer...:)

and what would be your answer regardless the clouthing?


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  • its not so much looks now than attitude. but stereotypically, if you are wearing something that barely hides your underwear, no bra under an semi-transparent blouse, well, you are assumed to be a hoe.
    if you are dressed in something that covers up at least decently but still looks sexy... its between the two.
    it just depends on what the guy wants. if he wants to hook up, any girl is fair game regardless of what you wear.


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  • I mean generally I'd assume a girl who wears very revealing or provocative clothing to be an easy hook-up if I wasn't half bad looking. But looks don't usually indicate that so much as attitude...


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