We kissed but now what?

Ok so this girl and I have known of each other for quite a while now. We met a couple months ago and have texted near daily since and seen eachother couple more times. Last was the other week and I took her to a marina area for sunset then for dinner. It went great! At the end when I got to her house, I hugged her as normal and went to kiss her on the cheek. But then she sort of turned her head, gave me 'a look' then so I went for a kiss on the lips and she leant in for it too. She then smiled at me then kissed again. Might sound naive or obvious, but means she must like me a little more than just a friend? We are quite flirty and I'm a big joker, so always messing with her. We've been speaking since the night out when she's not been at work and should be seeing her next week. Yet I'm unsure how to approach this whole situation. I really like her, she's always on my mind and my days at work are made when I see a text from her. I don't know if many girls kiss their guy friends on the lips like that or what though. It's like she retweeted something earlier that said 'single not looking to mingle' which has confused me even more? Not that has to mean anything but I have no clue if it was meant for me or... She's not mentioned anything about the kiss at all to me. Just looking for some advice on what to maybe do next? I feel like I'm getting mixed signals or just overthinking everything.


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  • Hmm at first, I was sure she likes you as more than a friend, but then you mentioned that tweet of hers... So now I'm not sure... I'm as confused as you are haha
    You kissed though, so that's good! I don't think you need to think too much at this point. Just keep in touch and keep going out. I'm sure everything will go well.


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