I think I'm inlove my bestfriend... who is also my ex?

Okay so we met in 2010, I was fresh out a relationship, still hurt and hung up. Me and Bill dated for 2 yrs. In 2012, we broke up. I had just finished my first semester away at college. We hadn't been working, we were both young and immature. Well we cut contact.. he cut contact, for about 6 months and the we began to talk again, we were both seeing other people. He moved in with her and I got pregs. They ended a little over a year, and me and mine 2 years. I mc and my ex was a dick (Mike). Bill helped me alot. We've became fantastic friends. We know and share everything. We never cheated before while we were in relationships, never anything inappropriate. Granted we confided in each other about our others being dicks. Anyways he's dating someone new, has been for about 8 mons now. Well he cheated on her, with me twice. I've never been the one to be the other woman, and we said we don't want it to screw up what we have bc it's important to us both. Wtf. Okay I know I was in the wrong, as was he. But I think I've fallen in love with him, again. Because us now is so much better than 3 years ago. We're best friends. I just don't want to be more of a home wrecker by telling him, or screwing up our friendship. We've helped each other threw some dark shit. And he loves my fam, vise versa. He's even taken his gf out there to see them. Should I talk to him about this? Not that we should necessarily persue it, but somethings got to give. We talk often and occasionally flirt, not like we use to be, just casual. Now it's almost instinctly done, we just talk shit. Like he'll bitch about work and I'll call him a baby and he says he's badass, hell live lol. And I'm like yeah... being a police man's gotta be tough, and he'll say something about he looks good doing it and I'll agree. Just dumb stuff like that. And we've exchanged pics lately too. Advice? please no rude comments. Yes I'm aware sleeping with a taken man is wrong, I'm not a slut. I'm sure you've done the same or wor

Note, we've been friend for 4yrs, but bestfriends for the past going on 2 1/2. I've felt this connection before he was taken. He helped me through my MC, bc my bf seemed to careless, f out of college, and also my break up. i helped him through his break up, his war flash backs and losing his gpaw. We're close, but I want to know what it means to him. Does he see it as just damn good friends or that and more? Should I confess?


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  • well you admit it was wrong, so the next thing to do is stop. now figure out what is right and then do it. go back to your baby daddy, even if he is a jerk, stay with him forever. stay away from all other men including that good friend of yours. and don't say, ' I'm sure you've done the same or worse.' instead say, other peoples actions don't change right and wrong, so i won't ever commit the same wrong actions they have done, i will do the right actions.'

    • We've been split for 8 mos. We don't have a child together, we did, I miscarried at 3 months. That was 2 years ago. He's a dick, and didn't treat me well. I remained faithful the whole time we were together, me and my friend bill, whos my ex too. Never communicated inappropriately while I was dating and he was too. It's only been since him and the woman he was living with split, and Mike and I split. But he found another gf during that time, and he cheated with me. Yes it's wrong, and it only happened twice several months back, we've seen each other since, and it's still like we're bestfriends, we still chat regularly. I know I shouldn't want to come in the middle of things, i want him happy more than anything, but our past and our chemistry is so strong, neither of us can walk away like none of it mattered. I know a relationship wouldn't work, but I've never had a connection to the opposite sex like this. And it's because we share everything, hopes, dreams, fear, sex life. Everything.

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