Why do I always feel like the bad girlfriend for not wanting sex all the time?

My bf just tried it on with me despite me telling him I didn't feel well and my stomach was a little sore (16 weeks pregnant) and he's just gone in a mood coz I've not given it to him! After you have a baby you have to wait 6 weeks before you can have sex again how the hell is he gonna last that long if he can't go without for 2 days? Seriously am I that bad? Or is he just being immature?


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  • If you're pregnant, then he shouldn't be complaining.

    • Yeh I know but it's like he seems to think pregNancy doesn't do anything lol! Think I need to get him to read some books lol

    • That's probably a good idea tbh, I mean, i'm 17 and I know that pregnancy has some extended issues.

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  • No he shouldn't be expecting sex from you ALL the time. However, withholding from sex for a long time certainly will affect guys (because pretty much all guys want sex). You do have a valid excuse for withholding sex from him though. He should never expect you to satisfy him when you're going through pregnancy.

    If you want to satisfy him sexually during your pregnancy, keep it to oral and finger stimulation. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

    • I'm not withholding it's 2 days... not gonna make his balls explode lol

    • Yeah, you're right. He oughta be able to contain himself. By no means are you at fault here in any way.

  • You don't owe him sex, especially when you're not feeling well or whatever. You should at least try to give him a hand/blowjob when you can though.


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